Covid Update Monday 21st September.

The 2020 Neurodiversity Leadership Forum WAS a sold out event, due to Covid, ticket sales were limited to 100 (at level 2), however the great news is that further tickets can now be purchased as we are at level 1, so please share this with a colleague who you think may like to be there*

The 2020 Neurodiversity Leadership Forum will explore how to unlock hidden talent and lift productivity in the workplace. Hosted by Dyslexia Foundation of NZ (DFNZ), sponsored by Cookie Time Charitable Trust. Find out more or Register here

If we want to solve social, environmental, scientific, political and business issues we need to embrace diverse thinking. Responding appropriately to neurodiversity is both a need – in terms of employment rights and inclusive workplaces – and an opportunity – in channelling neurodiverse thinking to deliver increased productivity and extraordinary results.

The Forum brings together key stakeholders, leaders and specialists in neurodiversity training and advocacy. Through a series of keynote talks, workshops, and panel discussions, the forum will shine a light on the opportunities associated with recognising the strengths of diverse brains in the workplace.

As an attendee, we ask you to contribute your thinking, and your knowledge to the afternoon workshopping session, where facilitators will elicit your astute observations about the current landscape of NZ workplaces and the possible opportunities. Your observations will add value to the subsequent resource being made freely available to all by The Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand.

We look forward to seeing you there! Bring an open mind and an attitude to contribute to this landmark event. Thank you!
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Programme in Brief:

Morning session 8:30am-12.15pm (includes 20-minute morning tea break)

Keynote presentations, panel discussion and roundtable activity.

Speakers include:

Paula Tesoriero: Disability Rights Commissioner. Human Rights Commission. (Opening Address)

Guy Pope-Mayell: Co-founder and Managing Director of Cookie Time Limited. Discover how Cookie Time's 'culture of competency' includes, supports, and leverages neurodiversity.

Mike Styles: One of NZ's foremost experts in adult literacy and numeracy, Mike offers consulting services to a wide range of businesses, educators, Non-profits, and Corrections. (Keynote speaker) see more:

Callum McKirdy: Speaker, author, mentor and facilitator specialising in workplace behaviour. With a successful 20-year career assisting leaders and teams across Australasia develop cultures of engagement, productivity and inclusiveness. In 2019 Callum was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia, he uses his lived experience as a strength in his workplace training. (Keynote speaker) see more:

Lunch 12.15pm (included in ticket price)

Afternoon workshop 1.15-3pm Callum McKirdy and Esther Whitehead (Managing Trustee of DFNZ) shine a light on the opportunities and considerations associated with recognising the strengths of diverse brains. The facilitators bring their unique skills to illustrate how to champion neurodiversity in the workplace and create opportunities for attendees to participate in, and contribute to the workshop and to a business resource kit to be developed following the forum.

3-4pm: Making Connections. Mix and mingle, strengthen connections and be part of a pioneering community.

At a glance

Neurodiversity Leadership Forum 2020

Unlocking hidden talent and lifting productivity in the Workplace

  • 8.30-4pm Friday 2 October 2020. InterContinental Wellington
  • Limited spaces available, max room capacity 120 people
  • $180 includes lunch ($94 early bird SOLD OUT)


*Note: If COVID changes mean that DFNZ has to completely cancel the event, then the event will be provided in a digital format to all ticket holders

If COVID changes mean that we shift to level 2 (max capacity 100), all ticket holders who have purchased tickets after Mon 21st September will receive a full refund.  All other ticket holders who bought tickets before Sunday 20th September will be able to attend the live event.